Vi älskar Ninnis bok

Performance. 2021.

The performance “We love Ninni’s book” at Ninni Nyhus’ book release at Nieu Scene in Oslo dealt with the contradictions of toxic masculinity and was meant to provoke the audience into taking direct action. I asked if there were any alpha males in the room that would compete to win Ninni’s book if they ollade (Swedish for touching with the tip of their penis) one of Ninni’s books with a carrot that I taped around their waist. I proposed that the winner would “ta en bärs” (translates to ”have a beer” in Swedish as well as ”take a shit” in Norwegian) with me. I explained that Norwegians often misunderstand and think that Swedes actually mean beer when they actually meant shit. I pulled down my pants for the winner of the competition and showed my “shitty” ass to the audience. The winner of the book refused to do the same and instead tried to push the carrot into my ass after which I got angry and left the stage.