Föreningen Borgaftons Vänner

Association and annual celebration since 2018.

Föreningen Borgaftons Vänner is an association dedicated to preserve and develop the memory of Swedens former minister of finance, Anders Borg’s, blackout and cock-out at Husarö in 2017. The annual festive event to remember this occasion is known as Borgafton and is celebrated the 28/7 in an bourgeoise and grandiose style. During the years a number of artists have participated in the festivities thru performances, speeches, writings, video works etc.

In 2020 FBV released a book with the title “Tre år är ingen tid fyrtionio år är ingen ålder” at n/a Press. The book contains contributions from Folke Fermelin, Lars-Erik Hjertström Lappalainen, Simon Skuteli, Linnea Hansander, Beatrice Johansson, Olav Westphalen and more

The book can be ordered from https://noamantonpress.com/