007 & Dr. Organon

«007 & Dr. Organon» Video/installation. My solo exhibition at Galleri Bo in Oslo. The exhibition consisted of an intestine installation spanning through all the rooms of the gallery building. Each of the gallery’s rooms consisted of a video installation telling the story of when Sean Connery visited the world leading Reichian psychologist Ola Raknes Oslo in 1967 to treat his sexual anxieties caused by over identifying with the James Bond character. One room was the musical theatre room where one narrator character and one character portraying Sean Connery were alternating doing song and dance routines, telling the story of Connery’s visit to Ola Raknes. The second room was a a series of b-grade existential action scenes, depicting a James Bond character portrayed thru a penis-mask alternating between reading psychoanalytic philosophy, doing housework and having death fights with Bond villains that continuously appears in his home. The third room consisted of an installation with a copy of an orgone ackumulator box, which was made to treat Connery’s sexual anxieties, and a theatrical video monologue by the James Bond character.