The return of the party swede

Performance at Sagne Kunstsmie, Oslo.

The term “Party Swedes” emerged during the 2008 financial crisis when approximately 60,000 young Swedes migrated to Oslo for available jobs. These individuals were known for undertaking most of the working-class jobs and engaging in frequent partying, leading to the coining of the term “partysvensk.” It was used somewhat humorously and derogatorily by Norwegians (and the Party Swedes themselves) to describe this social group. Simultaneously, sociologists suggest that this era marked the golden years of the Stureplans-brat in Stockholm, whose dress code significantly influenced the working-class Party Swedes. The term “Party Swede” came to represent both the working-class migrant and the nouveau-riche imperialist brat, blurring the lines between oppressor and oppressed.