RAF-forestillingen fra kælder teatret på Nørrebro

Installation view.

The film is an reenactment of a RAF-inspired play which took place in Copenhagen in 1985. The play never had a The film is a speculative reenactment of an event without any recorded history except a verbal story and a photograph. The film is dramatising a leftist theatre group that was based in Nørrebro in Copenhagen in 1985. The group was inspired by the German Red Army Faction and by writers such as Michail Bachtin and Willhelm Reich. The original play never had a premiere because it was shut down by the police before the first performance due to allegations of including a bombing as part of their performance. As a result of their mixed interest in psychoanalytic exploration, revolutionary politics and Bachtins writings on the grotesque, the play included shit eating, military exercises and a furry ghost. The play followed the Brechtian tradition and had an explicit aim to turn the audience from a passive spectators into actual revolutionaries. The film utilizes slide projections as a way to drive the narrative, which relates to how the film deals with the illusion of truth and memories, as analogue techniques have a stronger aura of conveying truth in contrast to digital media.

The film is the first part of the project Uchronic Memory Reenactment which deals with subjective and collective memories that transcend perceived

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