Varje söndag går jag upp för Karl Johan och ollar slottet

Social movement. 2017.

In the autumn of 2018 I initiated the project called ”Varje söndag går jag upp för Karl Johan och ollar slottet”. I had understood ollning wasn’t as widely spread in Norway as it is in Sweden and that I therefore had the opportunity to be known as ”the man which took ollning to Norway”. Ollning is the craft of touching different objects, for instance buildings, or your friends toothbrush with the top of the penis. A friend told me that ollning actually is a uni-sex term, but one can also talk about ”klittning” or ”snigling” as the vagina version of the same thing. The project consisted of a copperplate-print using the photogravure technique. The photo I used was depicting me when I ollade the Royal castle of Norway. Since the Royal family of Norway is collectors of prints I suspected that they could be interested in the piece, so I emailed the Royal family and offered them my gift. They answered and told me to hand over the gift at the royal castle, which I did. After a couple of days I received an email from the kings right-hand, mr Brakstad who wrote that ”The king and the queen have asked me to thank you for the fine print you have given to the Royal castle. The Royal family greatly appreciate the gift.” The project got medial attention during in the autumn of 2019 in P4 Dalarna, Dalarnas Tidningar and in social media.