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Mattias Hellberg (Born in 1991 in Sweden) lives and works in Oslo where he has studied bachelor in fine arts at the art academy where is currently studying his MFA. His works could often be described as humorous as well as political and confrontative. His interests spans from political themes, to satire and social-sadistic excursions thru his performances. Nudity and cocks are recurring themes and put a masculinity in crisis and the socialist history of nudism into a political, social and artistic perspective. In his performances he explores antagonistic personas  where the border between acting and being himself sometimes is in total flux. By playing a traumatized victim while being sadistic with the volunteering participants he experiments with his own personal history and persona, creating an uncertainty if hes acting out as an asshole or that he actually is an asshole. His artistic practice could be thought of as a septic tank for ideas and actions where things can happen that perhaps wouldn’t or even shouldn’t happen anywhere else.

Mattias Hellberg (Born 1991 in Uppsala, Sweden) lives and works in Oslo where he completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Kunstakademiet and is currently finishing his MFA. His work often deals with problematic masculinity and can be described as humorous, confrontational and political. He has performed and exhibited at Kunstnernes Hus in Oslo as well as at Index–The Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation, Stockholm Fringe Festival and Liljevalchs Vårsalong in Stockholm, Cross Club in Prague, Gallery 3,14 in Prague and Greenhouse in Berlin.